Living Farewells

Living Farewells (or Living Wakes as they are sometimes called) are a wonderful way to celebrate a life with family and friends. 

When someone is facing their mortality through illness or simply old age, imagine how wonderful it would be for them to have their family and friends around them, sharing their experiences and reminiscing, with everyone given the opportunity to say thank you and tell them how much they are loved.
Elderly or terminally ill people can often feel isolated and alone and arranging a party in their honour can make a huge difference to how they feel for the time they have left. Living Farewells also play a part in easing the pain of the family and friends.
The messages exchanged on this occasion will be a priceless gift for the Guest of Honour and will help the person come to terms with what is to come in a more joyful way.

Living Farewells consist of whatever you would like - celebrations of life are totally individual and there is no set layout. It is my role as a celebrant to guide you in the process.

Farewells can be held in any location including hospices, hospitals or hospital gardens (in accordance with the institution's rules and regulations).

Please contact me for more information on Living Farewells.