Other Life Events

Celebrate? Commemorate? Commiserate? Whatever the event I will help create a ceremony to suit the occasion.

The role of ritual in our lives has diminished over the decades but its importance is on the rise. The beginnings and endings in our lives, the becomings and the leaving behinds - some things are just worth marking.

Life events that I can help celebrate include (but not limited to):-
  • family unity ceremony - unite all the members to your new family unit, especially for blended families, step children and adopted youngsters.
  • special birthdays (13th, 18th, 21st, 30th, 50th, 75th, 100th)
  • house blessings
  • divorce
  • achievement
  • anniversaries
  • farewell to family pet - people can be as attached to their pets - such as dogs, cats, horses, birds - as they are to humans. Services similar to those for humans are being offered for loved pets. Pet funerals follow the same structure as human funerals, where the emphasis is on designing the ceremony according to the wishes of the family or pet's owner.
Please contact me to discuss the endless possibilities.