Funerals / Memorials

Funerals and memorial services are a time to reflect on your loved one's life and celebrate the person who was and will be forever in your heart.

Their funeral will be a celebration of their life - presented with dignity and respect.  I believe it is through telling their stories that we celebrate their lives. We think as fellow mourners about happier times and contemplate what we have gained from having them in our lives. Not what we have lost.

Working with the relatives of the deceased is so important to ensure the ceremony is indicative of the life of the person. I will visit you in the comfort of your own home and guide you through the process of developing a ceremony which truly reflects and celebrates the life of your loved one, capturing their uniqueness and the influence they had on the lives of others.  I work closely with your Funeral Director, many of whom know me well.

Every funeral is presented with sincerity, understanding and compassion, not only for the deceased, but most importantly, the family and friends remaining.

I can offer advice on rituals, readings and music. I am comfortable with offering suggestions for creative and unusual ideas of celebrating the life of the deceased.

I feel it is an honour, and very humbling, to be accepted into people's lives to guide them through a most important rite of passage, and I deeply respect this privileged role.

I am always open to discussing your needs. The first step is for me to visit your home. Please call me on 0417 800 548. I will always respond quickly.